Another hint hint

 You might remember this from pink mafia’s site

If you have noticed this week’s newspaper you have probably noticed the picture that shows some of Gary the gadget guy’s inventions. But look at the picture carefully….. hinthinthint.JPGThe blue prints are for the clock tower, the ac 3000, and the rubber duck? Also you must think, the clock tower is going to put in club penguin soon, the ac 3000 has already been put into club penguin, but the rubber duck? This probably means that the rubber duck thing is going to be put into club penguin to! I think that the rubber duck has something to do with an upcoming thing that is going to be put into club penguin, like maybe the new game that is coming up soon. please comment if you have more information, or thoughts about what the rubber duck could mean?

Did you remember it?

I found another hint of this duck in mission 3 in G’s room Blah                                                          -Go Dx


30 Responses to Another hint hint

  1. brizii says:

    whens the rubber duck coming???????????

  2. go dx says:

    not a clue but when it comes I was the first to tell you

  3. clubpenguinfriends98 says:

    Can you put me in your blogrool its

  4. go dx says:

    sure i added u add em if u dont in a week i take u off

  5. usfidgets says:

    Go Dx i bet the next mission involves a duck of some sort

  6. Idiot29 says:

    The rubber duck has allready been and gone!

  7. go dx says:

    were was the rubber duck

  8. Cheeky888 says:


  9. Cheeky888 says:

    please tel me

  10. go dx says:

    it was a free item last year at the summer party

  11. Clubpenguinfriends99 says:

    Go Dx I didn’t write tht Commenet

  12. go dx says:

    wat comment the blogroll one

  13. Clubpenguinfriends99 says:


  14. go dx says:

    it has your avatar and when you had cpf98 u copied that post from me

  15. Clubpenguinfriends99 says:

    It’s not hard to copy my avi I had it on my old site

  16. mike resnik says:

    dude when is the next freakin mission??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  17. the man says:

    this website’s you have a club penguin?

  18. kendra says:

    i cant get mission 7!! it is soooo HARD and clubpenguin cheats givs me the wrong things to do! 😦

  19. kendra says:

    tomarrow is my birthday!! yay me!! 🙂

  20. Says:Says:Says:Says:Says:Says:Says:Says:Says:Says:Says:Says:Says:Says:Says:Says:Says: says:

    wow im called says:says:says:Says:says:says:says:says:Says:says:says:says:says:Says:says:says:says:says:

  21. Pickbelle 22 says:

    I clicked on the FISH, and I went to the page Spy Phone Diagram, and then I clicked the Spy Phone’s antanna. Then, codes came out! i hope this helps!

  22. go dx says:

    sorry i haven’t been on for a wile i sheam to have lost m avat!!!!!!

    Love go dx

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