Pirate Party

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us the sailer hats are free items at the plaza
Rockhopper has brought…



The pin is in ski village first put your mouse over the chest and the pin will come out.ship2.jpg

there is one new book in the library

                                                        -Go Dx

9 Responses to Pirate Party

  1. egh says:

    hello thanx for the stuff

  2. Orangepeel18 says:

    Tomarrow(Saturday) will you meet me on CP at 3:00am (On CP time) and be my buddy im Orangepeel18. Meet me at Night club right at that time(exsactly that time).Oh yeah im wearing a green dress green color and flip flops. if your on now which is 7:03 please meet me there now thak-you. HeeHee I liked your “Do Not Click”Thing too I tried it on my friend but then they left my house bummer 😦 but besides that howed you do it? -Your friend Orangepeel18

  3. usfidgets says:

    hey dude im srry about the party thing but mabey we can meet today or when ever. E-mail me when it is a good time ok
    out in peices usfidget

  4. go dx says:

    both of u tomorrow (saturday) 4 am cp time is that ok

  5. usfidgets says:

    sure can u post a comment on my site to reminde me plz
    out in peices usfidget

  6. Orangepeel18 says:

    Sorry i have to go on my bros comp and he was sleeping. How bout now?

  7. ansfarooq says:


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