dont click

Don’t click here!

Also Don’t click here

Or here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you could if you want but don’t 

If you click on one and you see the same thing over and over keep clicking ok it will change eventually trust me and you don’t get any coins its just funny seeing you so mad


14 Responses to dont click

  1. go dx says:

    this is a cool i will trick all my friends

  2. watex says:

    this is a real cool site and i fell for trick lo!

    can u put my site on your blogroll/links sidebar?



  3. go dx says:

    i added u add me

  4. go dx my idle says:

    i love this site

  5. go dx says:

    sick i turned off moderation

  6. monkyd says:

    this site rocks buddy

  7. pinkpingu44 says:

    go dx wanna meet me on cp

  8. pinkpingu44 says:

    how did you turn off moderation?

  9. go dx says:

    to turn off moderation make sire the box that asks for number of links is set to a high number and un check off a adminisrator must check comments

  10. where do you get it

  11. go dx says:

    if you are talking about the dont click stuff i found it on the internet somewhere u can copy and paste it to your blog just give me credit

  12. legoless says:

    That was anoying…

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