new pin for may 11 and more


new pin is a tulip even though it looks like a rose in sport shop here is a picture to prove it is a tulip tulip.jpg


new postcards

Post Cards

Here is new puffle furniture


rockhopper officially left check the telescope I won’t post picture because you might not believe me

19 Responses to new pin for may 11 and more

  1. go dx my idle says:

    whoever is go dx my idle that is not me i am the real idle dude this site rocks like crazy i luv it :mrgreen:

  2. usfidgets says:

    hey are you going to my party tomorrow? its at my place at mamonth on the day before moms day. its at 1:00 pm movie night

  3. go dx says:

    i will try to be there i think i am busy srry if i cant come

  4. usfidgets says:

    ok check out my site to see what time to go 🙂

  5. go dx says:

    ill come next week

  6. Andy says:

    The new pin is in the mines. Is a star.

  7. go dx says:

    i no this is old post i have it

  8. lil mumble 2 says:

    thank you very much for telling me where the new pin is!!!thankyou

  9. go dx says:

    your very welcome its not here now its in the mine

  10. 353roma353 says:

    ok its june 8 and well where is the other new pin after the starfish which is in the mine as everyone knows anyways until june 18 (my birthday) its party timeeeeee you get a free neclace (blue) and an icecream t-shirt (blue aswell) but thats all i have to say

  11. go dx says:

    i no its in different post

  12. brenda says:

    were is the new pin hidden i cant find it plz help i realy need it 2 win my friend in a challenge that we r in!!!!

    go dx: ski lodge press home on the top because this is an old post

  13. Damaged Tees says:

    Funny Shirts

    Great Funny Shirts

  14. flag expert says:

    I know where almost every pin in club penguin is, just ask me

  15. Emmy says:

    where is the new pin of today rh arrives???

    go dx: ski lodge

  16. jay1970 says:

    dude! the new pin has come out!on sep 28 it is a table tennis pin!its at the snow forts!

    go dx: i no ur in an old post

  17. neel says:

    hiihihihihihhhhh i rock

  18. cincin5 says:

    go to

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