my party is tomorow on mamoth server at 11:30 am cp time


9 Responses to reminder

  1. coolchase1 says:

    Go Dx, I’m so sorry, but I won’t be able to go to your party!
    Can we set up a time 2 meet on Saturday?

  2. go dx says:

    sure how bout 6 am cp time

  3. coolchase1 says:

    that works. see u then!

  4. go dx says:

    ok i will meet u in my igloo when i open it on map

  5. coolchase1 says:

    alright then

  6. coolchase1 says:

    Where R U? i’m on clubpenguin, and it’s 6 AM cp time, and your igloo isn’t on the map!

  7. go dx says:

    oh srry coming now

  8. coolchase1 says:

    Hey Go Dx, meet me in the Forest at 8:30 AM CP time.

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