Party over

I had a great party here are some pics of the partyparty.jpgand i had a lot of users 2 pages full users-1.jpgusers-2.jpg

look at the first page of users my name is there twice also here is a pic of me and my new buddy pinkpingu44 and my pet turtle shelly you can go to pinkpingu44’s site pink-and-i.jpg


17 Responses to Party over

  1. nlsnrshd says:

    hi can i get your email address. leave a comment on my website telling your email address. thanks

  2. GlacialFreez says:

    looks like a nice party!

  3. watex says:

    sry man…i came too late… : (

  4. usfidgets says:

    hey about meeting me..does 12:00 pm clubpenguin tiome sound better cuz i dont wake up that early

  5. pinkpingu44 says:

    that was a cool party 🙂

  6. pinkpingu44 says:

    dont forget to come to my party tonight at 7.00am cp time 😀

  7. go dx says:

    pink i am sorry i forgot i have baseball at that time 😳 I am really sorry that i cant make it but every1 else go to pinkpingu44’s part mamoth server sunday 7 am cp time again sorry 😥 😦

  8. go dx says:

    and usidgets when is this i mean what day

  9. nlsnrshd says:

    go to my website my igloo is going to be opened

  10. usfidget says:

    nvm my sites clock waz set so that it was always 4;40 am srry XD
    out in peices usfidget\
    Kepp on keppin on

  11. nlsnrshd says:

    come to my party. everybody visit my website please

  12. go dx says:

    ur pary not yet

  13. nlsnrshd says:

    hi go dx. when you get a chance go on club penguin in mammoth

  14. go dx says:

    now where are you

  15. newe6000 says:

    how you do the doble you thing?

  16. go dx says:

    i dont know it just happened

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