2 users at the same time

look at this picture from billybob there are 2 penguins with blue circles under them one is in bottom left the other is in top right, blue circle=the penguin you are using i found this out from usfidgets site www.wwwusfidgets.wordpress.com



20 Responses to 2 users at the same time

  1. usfidgets says:

    hey you stole my discovery. 😦

  2. usfidgets says:

    hey thnx for giving me credit

  3. pinkpingu44 says:

    go dx wanna meet me on cp

  4. pinkpingu44 says:


  5. usfidgets says:

    i cant come i got banned 😦 i got hacked 😦

  6. usfidgets says:

    ok ill try
    out in peices usfidgets

  7. hakan says:

    what i cant see!

  8. go dx says:

    click on it to inlarge one in top left orther in bottom right

  9. Steph-fer-bee says:

    I don’t see it
    But oh well
    A/w I came here to tell you to Please STOP Asking about your cereal box!!! I knew you wanted me to tell you and I was gonna tell you when I was done! Jeez…I’m working on it right now….
    Please be patient with me! Everbody else has!


  10. yum yum says:

    i cant see it anywase i got hacked but hackers get banned i found out how and why wich i wont say cause ive been like repeating it over and over again and its long but the information you got is all you need to know so take that hackers!

  11. turkypo1 says:

    hiya this sity needs more stuff to get and more avencheres

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