I am having a party for my 5,000 hits friday 7 am cp time on mamoth in pinkpingu44’s igloo we are sharing a party you can go to her sight also we are sharing the party with usfidget his site is hope you come to my party



17 Responses to Party

  1. pinkpingu44 says:

    yey i cant wait lol 😀

  2. pinkpingu44 says:

    thnx for advertising my site so much

  3. pinkpingu44 says:

    i finally posted the pics of us nubbin

  4. usfidget says:

    hey go dx can help my site by advertising my site on urs cuz when i get 1000 hits pinm said i could have my party with u guys so im trying to get to 1000 fast so ya plz XD

  5. go dx says:

    i dont see nubin pics

  6. usfidgets says:

    thx im omost there lol
    out in peices usfidget
    kepp onn keppinn onn XD

  7. coolchase1 says:

    What Day?

  8. usfidgets says:

    Dont forget my partys there too!!! lol XD

  9. go dx says:

    pink made that sign before u were included srry

  10. usfidget says:

    its ok no prob

  11. silverburg says:

    umm hello…did the party finish already?

  12. silverburg says:

    ohh and check my website sometime…

  13. go dx says:

    the party got cancelled cause pinkpingu44 had a virus

  14. caroline says:

    hey uhm, i dont know if you’ll remember me Usfidget, but this is missunshine2 from like forever ago, haha.

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