cove open

the cove is now open to public the free item is only the whistle and they are trying to build a surf shack in the cove

surf-shack.jpgmaybe a new surfing game

6 Responses to cove open

  1. Artie111 says:

    What do you think there buidind at the cove?

  2. BLACKDAC says:

    sup there is a dac party on fri. check on up-coming TDF partys on

  3. go dx says:

    they are building surf shack

  4. watex says:

    thanks for giving credit gorx it means so much to me

    also, ive fixed the link on my blogroll to u


  5. go dx says:

    yay we are friends again 🙂

  6. Roodoka says:

    guys go to the pizza parlor

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