clothing catalogue secrets june 2007

click on the newspaper hat to get the divers helmet

 click on the thread of the marching band hat to get the blue cape


click on the festive sombrero to get the headphones.


click  on the line in beetween floopy hat and trendy sunglasses to get the viking helmet open it 4 times to get the blue one


 i am trying to bye the diving helmet and flippers and hawian skirt but it says sorry this item doesn’t exsistno-item.jpg 

club penguin fixed this bug


21 Responses to clothing catalogue secrets june 2007

  1. yeh it is so wired

  2. Socky4 says:

    and the Grass skirt

  3. biopen74 says:

    i love youre site thanks for making it its great thnx

  4. biopen74 says:

    just wanted to say again thnx a million

  5. go dx says:

    thnx for all the complements and i dont know why you cant buy it

  6. Jimmy574 says:

    Oh my goodness! WHY CAN’T ANYONE GET THEIR SPELLING RIGHT?!?!?!?! It is “catalog” and not “catalogue!!!” EVEN LOOK AT THE FLIPPING GAME!

  7. go dx says:

    cp spells it wrong

  8. philly59 says:

    you spell cataloge like this.

  9. MR POOP103 says:

    I___________I I
    I___________I I

  10. blue bull says:


  11. blue bull says:

    i am talking to you

  12. blue bull says:


  13. blue bull says:

    can somone help me?

  14. blue bull says:

    i would apresiate that if you did

  15. blue bull says:

    its 5 22

  16. milo9 says:

    i saw the gold puffle or is it yellow da! da! da!

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