Hi! I am Clubpenguinfriends98. Some of you may know me put some of you might not. I had a blog with helpful Info But sadly today someone must of hacked my blog and Deleted it. So Go Dx Has gratefully let me have a chance to be an author so I hope I can help you. Also Please help me get back my 8,000 hits and Have a great blog by visting


17 Responses to Clubpenguinfriends98

  1. clubpenguinfriends98 says:

    What’s your E-mail for this account so I can add you

  2. go dx says:

    srry thnx for the offer but it is to much work to own 2 blogs sorrry dont get mad

  3. clubpenguinfriends98 says:

    that’s ok

  4. go dx says:

    yay u r not mad

  5. blackdac says:

    go dx i saw ur comment told dac 2 the jp and u r getting a more stars

  6. blackdac says:

    go dx how do u take pictures

  7. clubpenguinfriends98 says:

    I am not Go Dx but you can learn how here

  8. blackdac says:

    o thanks i commented on ur site clubpenguinfriends98

  9. clubpenguinfriends98 says:

    Go on Snow Globe at the ski Village

  10. timpetersdj says:

    For all the newest cheats go to:

  11. ggawl says:

    you copycatter you copyed how much my site was worth i bet urs is $500

  12. go dx says:

    no search it i promis

  13. Usfidgets says:

    i wanna be an admin lol. Im serious if u want me to
    out in peices usfidget

  14. go dx says:

    not admin u can be author if u want

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