Pixel penguin

i got a pixel penguin from vower power www.vowerpower.wordpress.com i wil be getting pixel penguins soon when i get a new computer

i also got one from usfidget www.usfidgets.wordpress.com   

9 Responses to Pixel penguin

  1. blackdac says:

    how do u put pics on ur own site

  2. blackdac says:

    by the way i like the pixel penguin thing

  3. Usfidgets says:

    i made 1 for u to just like that lol
    out in peices usfidget

  4. go dx says:

    i no i like it there my favorite to get them copy and paste from whoever made them or u can download it google seacrch pixel penguins

  5. usfidgets says:

    ill try to make them bigger next time

  6. olivia says:

    how do i get a pixel penguin?

    go dx: u can order it from http://www.vowerpower.wordpress.com

  7. woddler181 says:

    how do u get the ninja version

  8. anas says:


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