Go Dx

I made you a pixel Penguin ( If you want one to go to www.Clubpenguinfriends99.wordpress.com And make an order) go-dx.png


13 Responses to Go Dx

  1. Clubpenguinfriends99 says:

    Welcome oh yea about that page I can’t I am not an admin so I can’t so just copy it from my site

  2. Clubpenguinfriends99 says:

    Are you on?

  3. Clubpenguinfriends99 says:


  4. nlsnrshd says:

    please go to my party iis going to be cool. go to my party or at least try to make it. leave a comment on my website

  5. Austin933 says:

    What server do you go on? i think i once saw ya on tuxedo!

    go dx: i am always on tuxedo choose a time that u want to meet me

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  7. Brad Dermady says:

    haha the one who is posting the comments

  8. mikeyred4235 says:

    GO dx wat is your password?

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