summer party 2007

there are 2 free items one is a blue lei

 the other is an ice cream apron

 the pin is a surf board at the beacon first touch it in the leaves then it falls

there is an octopus in the dojo

the band is playing by the lighthouse

club penguin updated the moniters now you can see cove and forest but is there gonna be a new area

g made another wierd invention

here is what the straw looks like from the outside

isn’t it wierd that all of g’s invention end with 3,000 like ac3000 pizzatron 3000 eye scan 3000 (mision 3) and now straw 3000 if you know more stuff with 3000 comment bellow i will give you credit


26 Responses to summer party 2007

  1. Michael472 says:

    maybe the new area will be rockhoppers island cuz it has a picture of the migrator in the wouldnt be the new room in rockhoppers ship-the captains quarters.

  2. come 2 my blog at chey girl and tell how to get pictures on my blog

  3. go dx says:

    good i dea also i forgot to mentchin it looks like were the band is playing it connects swomewhere

  4. blackdac says:

    there will b a TDF party at 3:00 penguin standard time at the server breeze(UK)

    and another party on Sat. check my website 4 more info

  5. Antiliger3 says:

    There will kinda be a different party sometime next week I saw it on, there will be more free items and probably some of the questions we have like for the straw 3000, wat the bands stage leads to, wat the blank screen is about, and if there gonna bring back the duck tube and water wings next year. I hope they do!

  6. Michael472 says:

    oh the straw 3000 for water bomb fights!!!!

  7. go dx says:

    thnx antilger and how do u know michael

  8. dacdac says:

    go dx u missed the tdf party its ok

  9. go dx says:

    srry i was busy

  10. dacdac says:

    go dx we have another party 2day check on up-coming TDF party page

  11. usfidgets says:

    wat about the clock in the snow forts
    out in peices usfidgets
    ~~Go to for help and tips on CP~~

  12. Person124 says:

    omg there are floatable ducks in the cove today

  13. c says:

    rockhoppers island?

  14. DiscoBean says:

    You can also get a pair of sunglasses(these are at the nightclub), a red flower headdress(these are at the beach), and a duck innertube thingy(these are at the cove). I wonder where the stage with the band leads to???

  15. go dx says:

    i no its in other posts

  16. Michael472 says:

    im not 100% sure about the straw3000-it could just be a decoration-but when the water party comes it could be there and water bombs come out of it.

    go dx: are u sure how do u figure this out

  17. Famous Inventors

    Famous Inventors

  18. tornado24 says:

    ur a ded da de u little @!#$@@

  19. mike resnik says:

    why!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Well yes Dear! Did you ever read the comics? Gary invented the “Cheese 3000” And also i’m going online today so don’t miss it!

  21. Gary 5623 says:

    wat about the cheese 3000 that gary made when he needed a holiday! its in the cp comics did u know?

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