Someone has been impersinating me like in the comment on another hint So iff you no who it is plz comment


7 Responses to Someone

  1. watex says:

    o no! ill keep a look out

  2. watex says:

    yo gx can i copy some of ur funny pics if i re add u to my blogroll?


    sry for deleting u, my blogroll just got so big.

    comment on my blog to reply.

  3. watex says:

    o wait ur already on my blogroll.

    can i still use ur pics?

  4. go dx says:

    ya sure give me credit

  5. kitkatgirl says:

    impersinating i know this is awkward but what does that mean? 😳

    go dx: it means an imposter a fake

  6. addey22 says:

    i know who it is its socky5 DONT FORGET TO GO TO MY SITE

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