youtube debute

finnaly i made it to youtube in a music video


13 Responses to youtube debute

  1. wando says:

    how come you get banned FOREVER! if you sign in as rockhopper

    go dx: when hes at the island hes not banned

  2. richelle says:

    wanna c y rockhopper or rockhooper are banned forever? plz belive me.
    name;rockhopper[or rockhooper]
    password;123[or kissmyass]
    check it out its soo cool!

  3. Wow i love it its soo good

  4. dgfgrgr jfróóóóóó xgdv óóhcgfgfd habfhwyr6u

  5. Rockhopper says:

    Yarr i am giveing pasword a way name 8rockhopperk password un known but yarr i known her is my yahhoo ////////////////////////////

  6. holagurl26 says:

    Hey! I for got if the person Richelle was me! My name IS Richelle!I thought I said that before though *scratches hair*. That means I’ve been to the/this site before! And I remember that I used to not have any puctuations at all! But now I have have all of the punctuations that I need in every sentence and word!

  7. Rockhopper says:

    yarr its me again 8rockhopperk password is Rockhopperthcp or Rockhoppercpth

  8. Cheatmaster-bmxxxx says:

    OMG!!! Rockhopper it worked!!!

  9. Cheatmaster-bmxxxx says:

    P.s you don’t know that the time you write a message on this blog
    is club penguin time

  10. okkkk rockhopper tell me how too find you pleaseee!! now this sec

  11. Ruben Lat says:

    Blogroll links aint that great 😛 but i am not the admin 😛 Just Telling 😛

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