igloo secrets june 2007

click on all the words snow… 

On Page 2:

On Page 12:

On Page 13:

On Page 13:

On Page 14:

On Page 14:

…..then click on the window of the basic igloo

also if u click on the crobar above floor removile  you will get the secret stone igloo (this si my pic and nlsnrshd helped me out)


to get the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo click on the door of the deluxe snow igloo

guess what the secret is for the igloo furniture click on the word throne and you will get the king throne


there are 2 new songs 

pics from www.penguinpartyzone.wordpress.com

10 Responses to igloo secrets june 2007

  1. ggawl says:

    OK FRIENDS ILL GIVE YOU CREDIT. wanna meet on cp

  2. Clubpenguinfriends99 says:

    That means that they copied the post someone at madszone.wordpress.com

  3. Clubpenguinfriends99 says:

    did that to the both of us

    Go dx: ok thnx

  4. catlincoln says:

    umm ok thats i guess kool i think i dk cas i already new that

  5. gweniveen says:

    thanks u really made my friend happy

  6. padda says:

    Tell me if you see mrandom, mini cp or ittle tiger not LITTLE ITTLE.

    Club Penguin might get sold.

  7. alisha says:

    Whats is club penguin songz!!!!!!!!!!

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