rockhopper and new pin june 22

rockhopper  came with a new catalogue the free item is the same red puffle bandana but the rest is new (click to enlarge)

rock-store.jpg the captian corners are locked


even thought this is the sign when you click on it the sign on the door is the sign from the last time he visited with the broom (my first post)


the pin is a picninc basket in the ski lodge



12 Responses to rockhopper and new pin june 22

  1. ef87rg says:

    where is rockhopper

  2. joe says:

    where is rokhopper

  3. latino protheyesa comprehanios aribrihola carmona zelotenga telamas yela corembas athiosos iyla tin lata garcia says:

    i cain find it essey

  4. where is rockhopper people claim to know where he is at but i dont beileve them

    go dx: rockhopper can be on any server

  5. clarebear637 says:

    Is there a way to get into Rockhopper’s captain quarters? Some people say that they have found the key and go into the quarters…..Myth??

    go dx: there is no way to get in yet look at my rockhopper post rockhoper says the key is safe with him and that he will open it sometime

  6. 1zapdos1 says:

    the key is no longer avalible but i did get it

  7. kaylee says:

    rockhopper is in the beach on club penguin and if you want to be my freind my name is prinncess55 :-}

  8. Mets100 says:

    The key is real! Go to the book room click the books go to Rockhoppers Journal and go to the end of the book and click the key

  9. lola says:

    hello every body iwont to chat with u and iwant to be u frind r u agree
    iplay on club penguin my penguin name is dekapinka ok will see u later in 6 june new pin hidden and new clothing catalog ok bye now

  10. Happy3002 says:

    i don’t see it

  11. Mets100 says:

    Guess what. I just got to be a Ninja. It is not hard.

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