water baloons

there are water baloons in the boiler room for the water fight



8 Responses to water baloons

  1. dacdac says:

    go dx if u go 2 the ship hold then look at the map in the top left corner i zoomed up on the map after i took a pic of it then i saw that the x mark the spot seems 2 b at the ice burg and there is a purple octopus in it 2

    go dx: thnx

  2. pinkpingu44 says:

    i thought u said u wanted me to post the pics 4 u

    go dx: thanks for trying but i was up early can u post them june 28 through august 19 i am also asking someone else so it might be posted

  3. Clubpenguinfriends99 says:

    Btw I am the other person

  4. dacdac says:

    go dx come 2 the TDF party NOW!!!!!!!

  5. motol7 says:

    hey can u add me on to ur blogroll i added u ! here is the site http://motol7clubpenguin.wordpress.com/

    go dx: sure

  6. motol7 says:

    ,window xp

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