rockhopper, new pin and more

=rockhopper is here check out his catalogue


and the new pin is a jelly fish in the ski lodge


rockhopper also broght more boxes to the lighthouse (click to see full pic)


and there is gonna be some sort of celebration about the 100th newspaper 1001.jpg (click to enlarge)

dont forget to vote for me at


8 Responses to rockhopper, new pin and more

  1. pingupingey says:

    Cool! Fall Fair Is Gonna Be Amazing! Please Visit:

  2. Coolchase1 says:

    hey go dx, it’s me. we haven’t talked in a while. are you gonna get your membership back? mine expires soon. talk 2 u l8r

    go dx: thanks for talkin um i dont think im gonna get it bak so sorry

  3. clubwaddle says:

    I did not know you had a site we were friends to you removed me and I got banned for eva but thanks for ptting your penguin name down if you win you can do anything!

    go dx: cool

  4. Joshanator says:

    Is there going to be more missons

    go dx: ya

  5. Joshanator says:

    Why are there not that many missions

  6. jeffrey says:

    i ound a sceit thing on the tennis rakit if you click on it you will see an orage football helmet

  7. click here says:

    click here…

    helped me with my tennis game…

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