bump vids

I will soon become make bump vids this has nothing to do with club penguin its a person makes awsome wrestling game videos and puts them on youtube i am a daanesh hater because hes been messing with teryo and I hate jefforson cause hes really annoying




vote for me at www.mychoiceawards.wordpress.com


6 Responses to bump vids

  1. clubwaddle says:

    Ok ur still in for da vote for da best no one got elimanated tonight
    well done! thanks for joining sOon sumone will be elimanated.

    heres what I said

    1st elimanation

    ok yankzeeez your safe oh and by the the way you can still re enter
    ok it’s down to tquiero and gorx9395
    ok the votes have been said gorx9395 your safe
    But I’m afarid Tquiero is safe too so no one LOST

  2. Wolz14 says:

    cool sounds awesome

    go dx: do you watch that stuff

  3. clubwaddle says:

    You are in the lead for my site please don’t muck it up
    if you win

  4. clubwaddle says:

    Tquiero got voted out by the way

  5. clubwaddle says:

    Here’s My new site it sux but you get a blog so you get two accounts

  6. Wolz14 says:


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