the next cp items

yo buddies check out this site your very welcome


15 Responses to the next cp items

  1. Hry says:

    do you know when those items come out?

    go dx: probally within this week

  2. clubwaddle says:

    You one VOTE FOR DA BEST now you can post edit stuff please don’t mess up my site I just need your email address

  3. clubwaddle says:

    dosen’t matter got it

  4. clubwaddle says:

    u can now post on my site!

  5. clubpenguincheats613 says:

    how do u take pics of ur self?? plz tell me!

    go dx: hold down alt + print screen

  6. clubpenguincheats613 says:

    and how do u put topics on the top?? plz tell me coz im new to wordpress!

    go dx: those are called pages click write then post page

  7. clubwaddle says:

    well you can post anyway if you fell like it

  8. Hellopayton says:

    So, you copied me back when I posted this?

    go dx: no i dint lier

  9. macaroni5 says:


    Server: Fjord

    Time: 3:30 PM-4:30 Pm

    Date: Thursday December 27th 2007

    Where: Macaroni54s Igloo On the map


  10. Cottoneyejo1 says:

    Please tell me how to get the torch in Cp at the moment.

  11. bill crumb says:

    hey guys try this site out!!!

    all you have to do is:

    1.Sign up
    2.Start filling in free simple surveys to earn points.
    3.Claim any prize you want!(Runescape memberships, club penguin memberships and even a console if you have enough points!)

    So, i guess your thinking: Dude, how is this possible!?
    or: What the heck, this is such a scam!!!

    well the anwser is simple!!!

    The survey companies pay the site every time someone signs up using their advert on the site. The site then rewards you with points which can be exchanged for prizes!!

    Additional info:
    each point is worth one american dollar.

    This is toatally legit and is not against the law.

    Yes, the survey sites will send spam so i reccomend making a new email address.

    and there are some helpful programs out there to help you fill in surveys quickly! Like RoboForm And Auto Fill.

    it really works and ive got a rubic cube to prove it!!

  12. blazakin123 says:

    Hey dude I have a prize rebel its taking me forever to get 7 dang points! I only got 3.70 points 😦 help me out here?

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