hair and pin

who called it we called it look back at our post and what do you know cp has a hair salon

heres the catalogue and also the clothing catalouge chaged its stylehair-2.JPG

the new pin is at the pet shop its a hair brush


and here are the 2 new cards


and club penguin changed the smiley because some internet program said it looked to much like thiers


5 Responses to hair and pin

  1. secretagentofclubbp says:

    i was so happy when hbk came back and totlly killed randy orton

    go dx: YUP

  2. Haylei says:


  3. Hey, have you heard about our competition to win a year’s membership to Club Penguin?

    Just go to and your search for a free membership could be over!!!

  4. Diego says:

    Thank you for the membertship

  5. Angel0322 says:

    HI meet me at freezer and party at my house on the map on…….

    where:angel0322’s igloo
    when: when it’s on the map
    MEET U THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s i am a taken girl

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