new mission???

there is this wierd message in the hc


maybe a new mission is coming out????? LOL

5 Responses to new mission???

  1. Rio15 says:

    Yeh i saw it too
    i think is has something to do with the ice rink cause everytime i go to my phone it comes up with ice rink

  2. coolieperson says:

    no it did that b4 the message came up

  3. luckygurly721 says:

    losers, there IS a new mission i just finished it. it has NOTHING to do wit the ice rink, ur not even allowed in there! the fur is from a polar bear… yeaa

    go dx: ur in an old post

  4. amnda9838 says:

    Nah bruvs that mission iz gay!

  5. VRy interesting to read it 😛

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