new pin and rockhopper

the pin is a ufo at the place above night club in beetween the games isnt it wierd that if you touch the door in trhe plaza to the new building it makes a ufo noice and the pin is a ufo coincidence, maybe?


rockhopper is back with a new catalogue

rh-store.jpg(click to see full size)
and more construction has been done on the plaza

6 Responses to new pin and rockhopper

  1. megan says:

    Hey come to soccer56783 party!!!1
    when: wednesday, Dec.12th
    what time: 6:00
    what server: Bigfoot
    where at : soccer56783’s igloo (witch will be on the map)


  2. lilbuddy5 says:

    Can you be my buddy plese? I really want to. To find out about me, go to!

  3. lilbuddy5 says:

    Hey! I have a party for all of my buddys!
    For: Lilbuddy5
    Where: Lilbuddy5’s igloo
    When: Sunday, December 30
    Time: 2:30-4:00

    See ya! For more info go to

  4. syd says:

    hi my is syd and well im new 2 clubpengiun and i already have a hot boyfriend and his name is dachrisbrown soo i want 2 give a shout 2 him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA BABE…………………………..


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