western party

sorry for the late post i was at my friends house

the western party if the surprise party and they brought back the bandana


and you can find the needle pin in the haystack at the cove


and there is a stagecoach background ta the forest


and there also if a western sunset background at the dock


and the yellow puffle is now in puffle roundup


and if you are wondering why there is red on the puffles face so do I no i didnt edit it when i took the pic it was blinking and red came on it

and i updated my funny pics page https://gorx9395.wordpress.com/funny-pics/


9 Responses to western party

  1. mepurple27 says:

    hes right!!!! hes not lieing!!!!!! its not an edit!!!!

    go dx: i am editing this becasue i am a he not a she

  2. Austin933 says:

    Oh I saw it too! But how did it get into puffle round-up? Maybee it snuck in. And maybee it’ll sneak out soon…

  3. cyborg2190 says:

    i all ready knew that!!

  4. samantha says:

    i love u so much e-mail me and then u can get my cellphone number and o my gosh i love u plz write back plz

  5. Austin933 says:

    Hey go dx whats your password?

    Go Dx: Well I’ll only tell you! It;s godx9395

    real go dx: post above not me but i would usually delte that but i found it funny

  6. megan says:

    hey go to soccer56783’s party!!!!

    when: wenessday Dec.12th

    time: 6:00

    server: bigfoot

    where: soccer56783 ‘s house!!! (witch will be on the map)

  7. Austin933 says:

    Sorry about that go dx! It was just a little joke!

    Go dx: That’s ok! (not realy go dx!)

    go dx: wen i do my name its lower case

  8. clubpenguinaustin933 says:


    go dx: Yea not capital, lowercase (not realy go dx!)

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