yellow puffle

its only for members heres a pic


This is what happens when you do things with it:

  • Feed: Makes food into statue
  • Play: Paints a Canon
  • Sleeps: Dreams of being a Super Puffle
  • Dance with it: sings
  • Bathe it: Adds colos to the water
  • Give it Gum: Draws a happy face on the gum
  • Cookie: Eats it into a Mask and puts it on.
  • Play (everything full): films a movie

3 Responses to yellow puffle

  1. clubpenguinaustin933 says:

    Please go to:

    go dx: u got a site

    Please go!

  2. Booyaka619 says:

    Hey go dx, it’s me, coolchase1.someone hacked in my account, and i cant get on it. so this is my new account.

    go dx: hy i never new u watched wrestling

  3. Compaq889 says:

    bath is spelt wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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