new stuff

The Wreath pin is located at the Attic (second floor of the Lodge).


The Reindeer Antlers are located at the Dock.


The Santa Hat is located in the Snow Forts.


Almost all of Club Penguin is decorated! Explore around, its amazing! You can also turn the lights of the lanterns on in Plaza, Town, Ski Village, Snow Forts, and Beach.


There’s a very small tree in the Iceberg. Maybe it’ll grow?


There is also new music.

all from


7 Responses to new stuff

  1. awsomehawk34 says:

    the tree is from charlie browns christmas story

  2. blk hed says:

    you suck! you stole all this from fever, i know you gave him a bit of credit but this page looks exactly like his=(

  3. handsome42 says:

    yea visit my site i need hits and comments

  4. 14cheechs says:

    If your looking for the best cp site ever (besides like paintboys and chewits) come to

  5. inesrocks says:

    Hey you forgot one more thing the Christmas scarfs are in the Ski Village

  6. 2shadow345 says:

    i cant wait till that tree grows huge

  7. samuri90210 says:

    You used fevers pictures, so did I.

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