i am so sorry im late

any way here  is the new stuff from watex.wordpress.com

The Miner’s Helmet is available in the Iceberg. When you dance with only the hat on, you can drill!


So join in the effort!

gettoworksigh.png asdsdds.png

And the play’s actually a School Mascot Try-out!

asdasd.png highschoolplay.png

and i updated my funny pics page https://gorx9395.wordpress.com/funny-pics/


14 Responses to i am so sorry im late

  1. jjttr88 says:

    hey! y r u always soo late!! Try being on time! im going to start going to watex es site now!!!!!

  2. wweadam says:

    Hey gorx! Awesome site! You’ve got some good hits too. Best of luck to your site and thanks for showing me those funny pictures!

    P.s. Could I be on your blogroll? http://wweadam.com Thanks and comment back if you can maybe we’ll work something out.

  3. anonymous says:

    Party this Sunday (Feb 16) at http://malvis.wordpress.com/ !!

  4. the source says:

    http://hstrial-jcapozzola.homestead.com its the best site ever and tells secrets u would of nevr guessed about

  5. Dante says:

    You want cp to rock?Then do I have the site for you!

  6. cpman says:

    Hey evryone come to my blog!!!
    Here is URL: http://www.cpman3.wordpress.com


  7. redd007 says:

    please come to my website!!!! I need more people to come to my site and post comments.

  8. The Source says:

    hi fever im sorry about your las twebsite

  9. lux1200 says:

    hey lux here can you put me in your blogroll my CP cheat site is called lux1200.wordpress.com !!PLEASE COME TO MY BLOG!!

  10. hullcityfc says:

    coppy cat off fever

  11. orientated says:

    For a fansite blog updated daily…
    Covering all the Club Penguin News…
    We even have our own Ask Aunt Arctic (we call her Aunt Avalanche)…
    Come join the fun at…


    You’d be waddling if you don’t…

  12. Rokin' robin says:

    i like pie

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