sorry i have been busy latley so i havent beena ble to post. my computer is messed up so i cant post pics

 any way here are the cheaTS

Click the Cash Register for a Moosehead

Click on the Piano for the Pipe Organ

Click on the Home Stereo for the Stage Lights

igloo catalogue

Click the description of the Snow Globe igloo for the Fish Bowl.

Click the crowbar at the top of Page 5 for the Secret Stone Igloo

Click the door on the Deluxe Stone Igloo for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo

and i uupdated my funny pics page


5 Responses to catalogue

  1. IDontbreak says:

    Wow, Brilliant site u’ve got!

    Wicked Grammar and I so love the Widgets, keep up the brilliant work dude!

    BTW Could You add me to your Blogroll?
    Waddle off!

  2. sam pinky7a says:

    why dont you have the cheats for the new catalogue (the one that came out on the 22th of feb?) i relly want them

  3. waddy28 says:

    Hey this is Waddy28 from

    I was wondering if you could put me on your blogroll. If you do, I will put you on my Blogroll. Thanks!

  4. Decoydude says:

    Nice site dude!

    I’m Decoydude from

    Will you add me to my blog role and I will add you!

    By the way cool site!

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