No cheats

October 3, 2007

i will be going on a vacation this week so i won’t be able to post what happens on friday. But don’t wory my friends has an aswome site it is

don’t forget to vote f0r me at and at the second doesn’t start voting yet but be sure to check it out



June 27, 2007

i am taking a long vacation so during that time pinkpingu44 ( and clubpenginfriends99 ( will be posting everything on this site until i get back


June 10, 2007

both go dx’s and gorx9395’s meberships expired so now we will mostly be on tuxedo.

Party over

May 18, 2007

I had a great party here are some pics of the partyparty.jpgand i had a lot of users 2 pages full users-1.jpgusers-2.jpg

look at the first page of users my name is there twice also here is a pic of me and my new buddy pinkpingu44 and my pet turtle shelly you can go to pinkpingu44’s site pink-and-i.jpg


May 14, 2007

That’s strange I was talking about a new beach maybe club penguin is taking away the beach look at this picture the name of the beach won’t appear

no-name.jpg and if you try to click on it from the HQ it won’t take you anywhere. and now there is only 1 beach in your spy phone.