November 22, 2007

Go to  And try this new contest click on the contest tab and sign up first round starts on December 10th



November 8, 2007

you can vote for novembers party out of 3 party we already had this year

 the pirate party (april 07)

western part (july 06)

Sports party (august 06)

i voted for the sporets party because i wasn’t around for it and i want to gtet the free items if its a western party i wil also be happy

and the constrution will be done on november 16th

Do you have what it takes?

June 16, 2007

I have made a site called Clubpen next top model you could win a homade pixel penguin and 10,000 coins 😀 you could be the next top fashionable penguin so go to


May 17, 2007

club penguin changed the sign for the igloo contest first it looked like this


now it looks like this