October 25, 2007

Here is the new hat with my friend Darkmagic43:clubpenguin-hat.jpg


fall fair

September 21, 2007

this fall fair is awsome you need tickets to buy these stuff


to get the tickets there are booths 2 are at the dock and they named hydro hopper


and ones at the beach


and onther at the forest


and another at the cove


and the last one at the snow forts


dont forget to vote for me at

Cart surver moves

July 18, 2007

There are 2 new moves in cart surfer.

1.  You walk with the car by holding down:  run-cart.png

2. You Do a handstand by holding up:hand-cart.png


July 3, 2007

There’s fireworks on top of the ski mountain and on the iceberg fireworks.png

Party Time– AGAIN!~!

June 20, 2007

Come to our summer bashsummer-bash.png

if you dont know what the tdf if go to its a gruop not an army and go dx will not make the party on friday join the tdf and if you want to be go dx’s buddy at the party screem “2 words”

Party Cancelled

June 10, 2007

Sorry somthin came up the party is changed to Wednesday

Thin Ice

May 3, 2007

This is a video I found on how to beat thin ice