new plaza place and igloo secret

November 16, 2007

the new map


and the theature from the outside


and now from the inside

s2.jpg(click to see full pic)

four tings about the treature

  1. if you click on the srcipt it give you 6 pages of the play that you can say
  2. if you click on the costume truck you can bye cool alien and robots clothes but its ony for members
  3. if you click on one of the screens in the top right corner of the stage you can change the screen
  4. if you click on the two puffle ontop the yellow puffle will appear

s3.jpg this is the four place you were able to find this puffle

and the empty tv screen in the hq is finnaly finlled its the theature


The First Secret would be the Candelabra. To get it, click on the Fire Pit. It costs $650 PC (Penguin Coins)


The Second Secret would be the Pipe Organ! To get it, click on the Upright Piano. It costs $4500 PC (Penguin Coins)


The Last Secret would be the Concert Lights. To get it Click on the Speaker of the Home Stereo. It costs $1650 PC (Penguin Coins)


For the Igloo Catalogue there are 3 Secrets.

On the Floor Removal Page Click on the Crowbar to get the Secret Stone Igloo. It Costs $2000 PC (Penguin Coins)


Second Secret. Click on the Deluxe Snow Igloo’s Door to get the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo. It Costs $5000 PC (Penguin Coins)


Last, Long Secret. The Snow Globe. It Costs $3700 PC (Penguin Coins) To get it, Click on Every Word “Snow” in the Catalogue.

On Page 2:

On Page 11:

On Page 11:

On Page 16:

On Page 17:

On Page 17:

Then Once you have Clicked all the Words, “Snow” Go back to Page 13 and Click on teh Basic Igloo’s Window. You should have the Option to buy a Snow Globe, Pop Up.



igloo secrets

October 19, 2007

Click on the Fire for the Candelabra (Page 4).


Click on the Upright Piano for the Pipe Organ (P.8).


Click on the Home Stereo for Concert Lights (P.11)


Secret stone igloo


Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo


Click all the words ’snow’ in the Catalog (there’s one or two pages that have two ’snow’s in them) And then click on the window of the Basic Igloo.



thnx to watex ( for the pics

sneek peeks

youknowhit1.png thnx again watex


(click to see full size pick)

heres the same pick just with newpaper mod sign and punkpkin thing i think that pumpkin thing is like the easter egg hunt just trick or treating and you have to find candy


(click to enlarge)

and i edited my wierd stuff in cp page its about ninja proof

and now for complete randomness

the publisher of all the cp books are snowball press


the map and igloo furniture

May 18, 2007

To get the map, first go on the mountain and click on the map.

Find The Map! - Mountain

Follow the map into the ski village, click on the map.

Find The Map! - Ski Village

Follow the map to the dock  (it doesn’t stay at the dock it just flys by)

and then to town, click on the map.

Find The Map! - Night Club (Town)

Follow the map into snow forts, click on the map.

Find The Map! - Clock Tower (Snow Forts)

You’ve now got the map!

You’ve found the map!


A copy of the map is below.

The Lost Map!

After you’ve got the map, go to the plaza and click behind the tour guide stall in the plaza here is a pic of what the new room looks like

background.jpg now in the HQ you can click on the beach and see the name.

There is a new catalogue for igloos and furniture

to get the snow globe igloo click on all the words that are snow and then click on the window in the basic igloo

On Page 2:

On Page 12:

On Page 13:

On Page 13:

On Page 14:

On Page 14:
snow-7.jpg to get the secret stone delux igloo click on right pole of castle door     ice-castle-door.jpg to get the secret stone igloo click on the center of blue diamond linoleum flooring tile there is only 1 secret in the furniture catallogue click on the word throne and get the royal throne  the clothing catalogue pics are from dendo’s site