hair and pin

October 12, 2007

who called it we called it look back at our post and what do you know cp has a hair salon

heres the catalogue and also the clothing catalouge chaged its stylehair-2.JPG

the new pin is at the pet shop its a hair brush


and here are the 2 new cards


and club penguin changed the smiley because some internet program said it looked to much like thiers



hq secret messgae

May 8, 2007

go to the f.i.s.h. and go to this page part11.jpgthen click on the last box with no letter in itm and this should pop up


 then go to this page and click on whats highlited


 and then you will see this


 wich refers to the paper clip in mision 3 this message might change before it said arcade game coming soon wich was the pizzatronpart-4-2.jpg