November 8, 2007

you can vote for novembers party out of 3 party we already had this year

 the pirate party (april 07)

western part (july 06)

Sports party (august 06)

i voted for the sporets party because i wasn’t around for it and i want to gtet the free items if its a western party i wil also be happy

and the constrution will be done on november 16th



October 18, 2007

ok important stuff on wendsday go to the cofee shop for 2nd aniversiry presents and a darkness is coming to cp also on october 19 when you play puffle roundup or ice frishing you can get double points


September 13, 2007

The 100th newspaper look back at aunt arctics favorite moments. Guess what the new name is hydrohopper and theres a puzzle there my high score is 3 if you don’e believe me here is a pic


 Rockhopper is coming tomorow.

 pleace vote for me at both my choice awards and


September 6, 2007

ok so they opened one of the boxes you can open it to it talks about a party also there gonna be a poll for the new name of ballistic biscuit the names are ballstic boarded, board breaker, water yachter, wake caper, and hydrohopper I voted for hydro hopper tell me what you vote for


August 29, 2007

ok this is wierd the news paper came out today on wednsday ok anyway it says that at the sport shop you can bye a wake board and rockhopper is comin back on the 14

newpaper and party

August 23, 2007

the newspaper comes out today it talks about that the sport shop will be finished aug 31  and that rockhopper will open his boxs in september

also here is a sneek peek to the weekend party it ends monday im not gonna be able to post pictures of the party so hopefully  CPF CAN POST THE WHOLE THING AGAIN IN PICTURES


June 28, 2007

Get ready for some gnarly waves:newspaper.png