western party

November 23, 2007

sorry for the late post i was at my friends house

the western party if the surprise party and they brought back the bandana


and you can find the needle pin in the haystack at the cove


and there is a stagecoach background ta the forest


and there also if a western sunset background at the dock


and the yellow puffle is now in puffle roundup


and if you are wondering why there is red on the puffles face so do I no i didnt edit it when i took the pic it was blinking and red came on it

and i updated my funny pics page https://gorx9395.wordpress.com/funny-pics/


annaversary and sneek peek

October 24, 2007

the hats are in the book room

 and there is a new book a year book

and there is a cake thats really big


and heres and the sneek peek


 I updated my funny pics page https://gorx9395.wordpress.com/funny-pics/


October 18, 2007

ok important stuff on wendsday go to the cofee shop for 2nd aniversiry presents and a darkness is coming to cp also on october 19 when you play puffle roundup or ice frishing you can get double points

fall fair

September 21, 2007

this fall fair is awsome you need tickets to buy these stuff


to get the tickets there are booths 2 are at the dock and they named hydro hopper


and ones at the beach


and onther at the forest


and another at the cove


and the last one at the snow forts


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rockhopper, new pin and more

September 14, 2007

=rockhopper is here check out his catalogue


and the new pin is a jelly fish in the ski lodge


rockhopper also broght more boxes to the lighthouse (click to see full pic)


and there is gonna be some sort of celebration about the 100th newspaper 1001.jpg (click to enlarge)

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September 12, 2007
  • Today was the last day to vote for the new name of ballistic bisquite and you will find out the winner in  tomorows newspaper
  • Rockhopper is coming on friday and they will have the fall fair
  • Please vote for me in both of the penguin choice awards www.mychoiceawards.wordpress.com and  www.freewebs.com/zozogur
  • To all my fellows jews have a happy sweet new year and please forgive I forgive you


August 31, 2007

i am gonna have my 70,000 hits party and my 100th post (this one) on sunday fjord server at 6 a, cp time at the snowfort please come