new pin and rockhopper

November 9, 2007

the pin is a ufo at the place above night club in beetween the games isnt it wierd that if you touch the door in trhe plaza to the new building it makes a ufo noice and the pin is a ufo coincidence, maybe?


rockhopper is back with a new catalogue

rh-store.jpg(click to see full size)
and more construction has been done on the plaza


November 8, 2007

you can vote for novembers party out of 3 party we already had this year

 the pirate party (april 07)

western part (july 06)

Sports party (august 06)

i voted for the sporets party because i wasn’t around for it and i want to gtet the free items if its a western party i wil also be happy

and the constrution will be done on november 16th

hair and pin

October 12, 2007

who called it we called it look back at our post and what do you know cp has a hair salon

heres the catalogue and also the clothing catalouge chaged its stylehair-2.JPG

the new pin is at the pet shop its a hair brush


and here are the 2 new cards


and club penguin changed the smiley because some internet program said it looked to much like thiers


new pin

September 28, 2007

the new pin is at the snow forts


fall fair

September 21, 2007

this fall fair is awsome you need tickets to buy these stuff


to get the tickets there are booths 2 are at the dock and they named hydro hopper


and ones at the beach


and onther at the forest


and another at the cove


and the last one at the snow forts


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rockhopper, new pin and more

September 14, 2007

=rockhopper is here check out his catalogue


and the new pin is a jelly fish in the ski lodge


rockhopper also broght more boxes to the lighthouse (click to see full pic)


and there is gonna be some sort of celebration about the 100th newspaper 1001.jpg (click to enlarge)

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sport shop and pin

August 31, 2007

I am at my friends house so i cant post pics dont think iom getting lazy i want to post my own pics but i can’t all pis from anyway the sportshop has been upgraded

Secret silver wake board. There is one secret board in the catalog. Click on the penguin who holds the board until the board he hold becomes pink with flowers. Then click on the circled thing in the picture.

You can use the surf boards at ballistic biscuit + catching waves

The new baseball ball pin is located at the boiling room