new pin and rockhopper

November 9, 2007

the pin is a ufo at the place above night club in beetween the games isnt it wierd that if you touch the door in trhe plaza to the new building it makes a ufo noice and the pin is a ufo coincidence, maybe?


rockhopper is back with a new catalogue

rh-store.jpg(click to see full size)
and more construction has been done on the plaza

mission sneek peek

November 2, 2007

there is a sneek peek for mission 5


and if anyone cares this is my fourth post today

new mission???

October 30, 2007

there is this wierd message in the hc


maybe a new mission is coming out????? LOL

annaversary and sneek peek

October 24, 2007

the hats are in the book room

 and there is a new book a year book

and there is a cake thats really big


and heres and the sneek peek


 I updated my funny pics page

scary sneek peek

October 2, 2007

here is a sneek peek of the next party