western party

November 23, 2007

sorry for the late post i was at my friends house

the western party if the surprise party and they brought back the bandana


and you can find the needle pin in the haystack at the cove


and there is a stagecoach background ta the forest


and there also if a western sunset background at the dock


and the yellow puffle is now in puffle roundup


and if you are wondering why there is red on the puffles face so do I no i didnt edit it when i took the pic it was blinking and red came on it

and i updated my funny pics page https://gorx9395.wordpress.com/funny-pics/


gold/yellow puffle found again

November 9, 2007

its in the top right corner of the new building in the plaza its there every 15 minutes


mission sneek peek

November 2, 2007

there is a sneek peek for mission 5


and if anyone cares this is my fourth post today

broadway on cp

November 2, 2007

there is soon gonna be a theature in club penguin for this case they decorated the plaza

broadway.jpg (click to enlarge)

maybe they will have movies like night of the living sled

the only things i know about it is that there will be a stage look at this pic


it says theature project stage wich probally means there will be a stag

and i updated my funny pics page



August 29, 2007

ok this is wierd the news paper came out today on wednsday ok anyway it says that at the sport shop you can bye a wake board and rockhopper is comin back on the 14

Gary’s pins

August 20, 2007

in mission 4 in G’s room there is a wall full of pins from the first until the tulip


but look the soccer ball pin is missing

water baloons

June 22, 2007

there are water baloons in the boiler room for the water fight